CO2 heat pump

A heat pump extracts heat from the ambient air, ground or a well. The heat collected from the outside is pushed to the central heating system, pumping hot water around to heat the house. A heat pump works the same as an inverted refrigerator. Just like a refrigerator, a heat pump uses electricity and does so very efficiently. Due to the high efficiency of the system, the total amount of heat generated is considerably higher than its power consumption. The efficiency of a heat pump is defined as the COP (Coefficient or Performance). The COP of the Durocan’s heat pump is 5.

High temperature
The Durocan heat pump has a maximum output temperature of up to 78°C. This allows you to connect it to existing pipes, underfloor heating and radiators. The old gas heater can simply be replaced by a Durocan. The necessary investments for renovation are therefore drastically lower. Breaking out floors, pipes, radiators, plastering and paintwork is no longer necessary.


No greenhouse gas hazardous refrigerants
The Durocan heat pump uses CO2 (eco-friendly gas) as a refrigerant. It absorbs heat from the outside air to heat water – saving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Global Warming Potential = 1 (in contrast to conventional heat pumps, GWP> 1300).

Quality proven
The Durocan contains the SANCO2 heat pump from Sanden. Sanden is a large Japanese manufacturer of heat pumps. The SANCO2 already has a proven track record. Sanden’s climate-friendly CO2 technology is widely used in Japan, North America, Canada and Australia.

Easy to install
The Durocan heat pump is easy to install. Moreover, the system does not use F-gases and a STEK certification is not required. Any professional installer can connect the Durocan heat pump, storage tank and smart energy manager.

Whisper quiet
The noise level of the outdoor unit of the heat pump is qualified as ‘whisper quiet’. It will not disturb you, or your neighbors! 37dB (A).

Water Temperature Setting

55ºC to 78ºC

Ambient temperature

-25ºC to +43ºC

Heat pump capacity

15,400 Btu/u

Heat pump capacity

4.5 kW

Heat pump COP



R744 (CO2)

Compressor Type



230v 50–60Hz

Noise level



48 kg

Pipe size


Max Pipe Length incl. vertically

15 meter

Max Vertical Separation

5 meter

Maximum water pressure

6.5 bar

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