Bye gas heating.
Welcome Durocan.

High temperature heat pump system

Good for the environment

Despite European agreements to phase out fluorinated greenhouse gasses by 2020, heat pumps are still filled with these extremely greenhouse-hazardous refrigerants. An average of 6 percent of refrigerant leaks away every year. This reinforces the greenhouse effect – which must be counteracted. The Global Warming Potential of conventional heat pumps is > 1,300.

CO2 heat pump
The Durocan heat pump uses CO2 (eco-friendly gas) as a refrigerant. It absorbs heat from the outside air to heat water – saving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Its Global Warming Potential = 1

Whisper quiet
The noise level of the outdoor unit of the heat pump is qualified as ‘whisper quiet’. It will not disturb you, or your neighbors! 37dB (A).

Easy to install

Durocan has a high temperature heat pumpThe output temperature has a maximum of 78°C. This allows you to connect it to existing pipes, underfloor heating and radiators. The old gas heater can therefore simply be replaced by a Durocan. The necessary investments for renovation are thus drastically lower. reaking out floors, pipes, radiators, plastering and paintwork is no longer necessary.

Moreover, the Durocan is only connected to hydrolic pipes so no special F-gas certified installer is needed to connect the heat pump.

Single system for sanitary water and space heating

The thermal storage tank of the Durocan provides sanitary water and space heating. It has an integrated heat exchanger. The large heating surface of the spiral and the sophisticated hourglass shape ensure a very efficient hot water production. This guarantees a quick warm-up time and high hot water comfort.

The high-quality insulation ensures the lowest possible heat loss, which minimizes the costs for high hot water comfort.

System schematics


The outdoor unit makes hot water that is transported through the wall. The hot water is stored in the storage tank for later use. From this thermal supply, both sanitary water and space heating is available on demand.


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